I, Victor Hafichuk, am living a miracle, a dream come true, I truly am. As one of the lines in Take Two says, “I didn’t see this coming; I didn’t see it coming, but He knew.” I’m singing and loving it! I’m beginning another life.

I’m 73, coming 74. All my life, I didn’t fully realize that if there was anything in this world I would gladly, primarily choose to do, it would be to sing, sing, sing! Yet, throughout the decades I was found doing some brief singing here and there while I always had my sights set on something else. I never considered singing to be of great importance to me. 

Then about 4 years ago, things began to form beyond my effort or understanding. In short, that wondrous Lady Song was introducing herself to me saying, “Victor, let’s get acquainted. Face it, when you stop and seriously consider, you’ve always wanted to sing, even before you started school, so come with me. Let’s get with it. I’m going to make you a singer and you’re going to love it, I assure you!”

Yes, I doubted it. “Can this be real? Am I imagining things?” I wondered. I mostly doubted myself. Yet, I already had been given songs over the years, the first one in 1975, but I never really did much with them until recently when things began to come together from a few directions, seemingly independently of one another. It’s been a miracle from God; there’s no other explanation. Totally beyond me or my abilities at anything.

The better part is that these songs aren’t just for me. They’re for YOU, the listeners, who aren’t just searching for entertainment but for reality, not just for dainty little delicacies, but for main course sustenance, something that will feed not just your emotions but also your heart and soul.

There are some, not many – but there will be many more – who are searching for meaning, for Truth, for Life itself. They’re not satisfied with their lives; they know there’s better stuff out there, but what and where?

I’m persuaded that one or more of these songs will reach your heart and give you hope and purpose in life. I believe it. As you listen to them, think on the lyrics while you enjoy the melody, compositions, and arrangements. 

Hey! You may even kind of appreciate my singing, who knows? To be honest, I hope so. But most of all, I’m hoping these songs will be lifechanging for you, sooner or later. I know it will all be good, very good. 

God bless you all, believer and unbeliever, alike. God is no respecter of persons. I won’t presume to argue with Him. Enjoy, learn, and be made free by the Truth. That is my joy and reward in this second lease on life I’ve been given.

Yes, I didn’t see this coming, I’m starting all over again, and wow, what a trip this is and promises to be!