There is a people that have long dwelt in Hell, notwithstanding their fleeting blessings and respite in this world provided by the Almighty One Who chose them to be His.

Those chosen of God must suffer Hell. They must suffer His discipline, correction, and chastening. They must pass through the fires of Hell to be purged of carnality and of breaking His Law. They must be purified to be His chosen. As of now, they haven’t been a happy people at all and who can blame them?

They have said to their God, the One True God of Israel and of the Universe, “Choose somebody else! We’re not interested.”

However, the day will come and is now here wherein they will say, “Lord God, we abhor ourselves and repent in dust and ashes. We see now that we’re especially blessed! We bless, praise, and thank You for granting us the unspeakable privilege and joy of being Your chosen people.

“After long last, Hell is gone, Heaven has arrived, and our fathers have been vindicated in their faith in You! Bless the Lord!”

“For His wrath is only momentary, yet His favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may lodge for the night, but shouts of joy will come in the morning.” Psalm 30:5 ISV

To Hell and Back. It’s now Take Two!