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On August 22, 2017, in our Moon River Estates home, I awoke having received the first two lines of this song. Soon, I began to search myself for the rest of the words. They quickly and smoothly came forth to express the present theme of my life that had been recently unfolding beyond my understanding.

Now, what about a tune? Would it take long, even years, as it had for some of my other songs? I took my guitar, went to D, then E, G, and A, timing the words with the chords.

Here I was with lyrics suggesting I was having the privilege of a retake on life. I call it Take Two.

I’ve had many regrets about the wrongs, failures, and foolish mistakes I’ve made in my life. Others have learned important things, gathering knowledge, wisdom and understanding at a much earlier age than I am now in my seventies.

I’ve wondered if there was such a thing as reincarnation, after all, and that I had a life or two to live before I attained to the understanding others have had almost out of the womb.

This song promises much to come, and now upon me, for which I can only be excited and thankful.

Music & Lyrics by Victor N. Hafichuk

I could be wrong, but I think I’ll be strong,
Singing a song as He takes me along to the end.

How can it be that I can still see
Another life… arriving for me?

I’ve lived threescore and ten, just to start it again,
And what will now be is not… what was then.

Take two – here comes the dawn
Take two – the night is finally gone
Breakthrough – this is… my new song
This is…    this is…  my Take Two….

Wonder of wonders, who knew?
I didn’t see this coming
I didn’t see it coming, but He knew.

From rags of strife to the joy of new years
I thrill at the prospect before me.

The sound of music rings in my ears
Telling me I’m strong and free… so free.

Take Two… the past is dead and gone
You were right…  and I was wrong
You were there… all along
I think it’s also Your new song, my Friend.

I could be wrong, but I think I’ll be strong
Singing a song as He takes me along to the end…
To the end… to the end…  the end.

Tomada Dois

Música e Letras de Victor N. Hafichuk

Eu poderia estar errado, mas acho que serei forte

Cantando uma música enquanto Ele me leva até o fim.

Como é possível que eu ainda posso ver outra vida
Outra vida … chegando para mim?

Eu vivi setenta anos, só para começar de novo,
E o que agora será não é… o que foi então.

Tomada dois – aí vem o amanhecer
Tomada dois – a noite finalmente se foi
Ultrapassar – esta é… minha nova música
Isso é… isso é… a minha Tomada Dois….

Maravilha das maravilhas, quem sabia?
Eu não vi isso chegando
Eu não o vi chegando, mas Ele sabia.

De trapos de contendas à alegria dos novos anos
Eu me emociono com a perspectiva diante de mim.

O som da música toca nos meus ouvidos
Dizendo que sou forte e livre … tão livre.

Tomada dois … o passado está morto e enterrado
Você estava certo … e eu estava errado
Você estava lá … o tempo todo
Eu acho que é também a Sua nova música, meu Amigo.

Eu poderia estar errado, mas acho que serei forte
Cantando uma música enquanto Ele me leva até o fim.
Até o fim… até o fim… o fim.

I Want You to Know is my favourite as I have heard you sing this before when I was in Alberta last year. However, when I heard Take Two, this is now my new favourite. Each song penetrates my heart and speaks to me in a way that I can’t describe in words. Thank you Victor for your words and your songs.”

Tony T.