Job in English was one of the first songs, which was given to me. That was in October 1976.

In March 2020, while I was recording other songs with John Capek, he and his wife, Batsheva, suggested I sing my song Job in Hebrew. After all, that was the language where it all began. I thought it was an excellent idea if Batsheva would help me with the language.

“I’d love to sing Job in Hebrew if Batsheva would love to do a translation. Wonderful suggestion!”

Batsheva’s recommendation was to become familiar with the words and pronunciation by repeatedly listening to the track, which she sang in Hebrew. She prepared me for the challenge, “Bear in mind that ‘Iyov’ or ‘Job’ is a particularly difficult text. The Ivrit (Hebrew) used in it differs from the rest of the Biblical canon. By that, I mean, the words are funny sounding.”

She changed some of the lyrics to express my rendition poetically in Hebrew and sang it to me with the music John arranged for the original recording of Job. I liked it, worked on Hebrew pronunciation, and we recorded it. It was a treat for me.