Job has been a special Book to me. I’ve referred to Job in four songs, this one all about him, and one of the songs unexpectedly even in Hebrew, the language of Abraham, Moses, and Yeshua HaMashiach. The Book speaks of God taking Job through a most horrific time of suffering.

Though I can’t imagine how hard his trial was, I can somewhat identify. I too lost all my possessions except for a wife, as with Job. I too lost all my family and friends and was despised by all my acquaintances, religious and secular. For years, I suffered recurring nightmares and certain physical ailments.

There were times when I came to almost losing all hope, yet God didn’t abandon me but carried me through to the other side. He lifted me out of a horrible pit I didn’t even know I was in until I was out of it. Until only a few years ago, I thought I’d never want to live that life again – not worth it. Then music and singing came. Everything changed. With the changes that have recently come about, I can now say, “Yes, Lord Jesus, now I see that it was worth it, after all.”

That’s all behind me now. What was, was terrible. What is, is wonderful. What will be, will be glorious. This I know by faith, by revelation, by experience. Isn’t that great? God is Great, Wonderful, Powerful, Faithful, and True. We love each other. He made that happen.

Listen to Job.