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Welcome and Thank You

Thrilled to announce our latest video (above), and my music streaming on all platforms! If you enjoy my music, please reach out and let me know where you enjoy listening to it most.

"I am thankful, Victor for your joy in the Lord expressed in your music."

– Terri

"I have never traveled, but I am sure, in a great mystery of God, I saw you in dreams. God covers you with blessings ..."

– Beatriz Silva


Psalm 126

Who knew we needed repeated releases in our spiritual odyssey? I experienced this within. It’s the way it works and you won’t know it until it happens to you. It’s another world. The Bible testifies to this reality.

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Take Two

It’s been a life of going from faith to faith, from one spiritual dimension to another. In each of those stages, it was an arrival of sorts, but then a repeat of a new start through a departure of the old, which is always trying, even painful. The trials would resume their intensity in preparation for more, for something new.

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I Want You To Know

You’ve heard the saying, “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemies.” Well, it so turns out that those who rejected what good and best I wanted for them, which is what this song is about, walked away and became the worst of my enemies. They were the worst of my enemies even before they left me, keeping it a guarded secret among themselves and others while I was wanting them to know what the greatest blessing and pleasure of all is.

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