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Welcome and Thank You

Thrilled to announce our latest video (above), and my music streaming on all platforms! If you enjoy my music, please reach out and let me know where you enjoy listening to it most.

"I am thankful, Victor for your joy in the Lord expressed in your music."

– Terri

"I have never traveled, but I am sure, in a great mystery of God, I saw you in dreams. God covers you with blessings ..."

– Beatriz Silva


There’s Lots To Be Thankful For

I can’t think of anything good unthankfulness has ever done for me – except teach me to be thankful? But I can tell you some of the harm it never fails to do. It saddens you, confounds your mind, spoils the atmosphere for you and all those around you, darkens your soul so that you can’t think straight.

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To Do or Not To Do

When someone is confronted by God and called into the Kingdom, he or she immediately enters the Valley of Decision, a battleground, and that battleground is within. Suddenly, there are 2 persons recognized. It’s the age-old analogy of the little angel on the right shoulder and the little devil on the left shoulder, competing for the person’s will.

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The Path of Truth

What a strange path that is! What an adventure! What a Lifesaver! The Path of Truth is the Path of Life. It is the Path out of darkness and into the Light. To deny Truth is to deny Life. It is to insist that believing a lie is the right way to go. So wrong!

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