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The Path Of Truth Album Cover Art

My music is Sweet ‘N’ Sour. It pleases my friends and vexes my enemies.

I recall a musician, a pianist at a studio, when seeing several of my songs coming through, saying, “You realize doing an album is a LOT of work.” Being new at all this, I had no idea what it would take. Sure enough, he was so right! It WAS a LOT of work. Yet, working with a wonderful arranger/composer, John Capek of Nashville, his team of singers, engineers, and musicians, and good friends, John included, we’ve managed to put together an LP and an EP.

All for YOUR enjoyment, edification, and instruction of a lifetime, all bundled together. Who knew?! What more could you ask for? Praise the Lord! I hope you agree.

Maybe we’re just getting started? Lord willing, we’re working on another EP.