Doing and dying is the crisis or critical reality we live in, moment by moment, 24/7, all our lives. That reality is a constant choice of telling the truth or lying. Our spirits before God must be doing one or the other. It doesn’t matter if we’re doing business, washing dishes, eating, buying, selling, talking to friends and neighbors, or even sleeping and praying. It’s a 24/7 nonstop state.

The vast multitude of people live a lie and have never known or chosen any differently. We’ve all been there that I know of. And those who claim to not lie either don’t know they’re lying, never having lifted a tongue to commit to telling the truth, or they’re deliberately lying, telling the biggest lie of all.

Today, after thousands of years, God has timed it that humanity must now answer to Him. This is the Day of His Correction and Redemption.

God now says, “Have you been telling the Truth? You know you haven’t been. Why haven’t you been? Haven’t you known that Truth is the Only Way to Go? Haven’t you known that lying robs, steals, kills, and destroys? Haven’t you known that while you’ve sought to promote yourself above others by lying, sooner or later you’re sure to be your own greatest victim? Have you learned that? If so, you’re blessed above many and have only good to come, but if not, what must I do with you so that you’ll learn once and for all?

“You know what I need to do and with agony of soul, I know what I must do. I must bring you into fires of transformational suffering, and I must enter that suffering with you (I always do). We must enter this critical hour together. You must learn to tell the truth and to live it if you are to have anything to do with Me and I with you.

“We can only live in Truth because I am your only Hope of Life and I AM the Way and the Truth. The time has come for you to know that. It’s time to Do or Die.”

Thus says the Lord Jesus Christ to all.

Listen to Do or Die here.