What a strange path that is! What an adventure! What a Lifesaver! The Path of Truth is the Path of Life. It is the Path out of darkness and into the Light. To deny Truth is to deny Life. It is to insist that believing a lie is the right way to go. So wrong!

Those who deliberately believe lies are living a perpetual suicide; they’re killing themselves. The irony is they believe they’re preserving their lives. Amazing how deception works!

Who does deception claim for the first victim? Not those lied to but those who are lying. Liars are their own worst enemies, the first to be fooled, to lose, fail, be injured, and the first to die.

I have yet to experience a liar doing himself a favor. I have yet to experience a liar avoiding harm. I have yet to see a “fresh” liar maintain innocence once stepping on the path of lying. A shadow comes over them. Their countenance falls. Substance leaves their spirits. Courage is displaced by fear and confidence by confusion. A guilty conscience plagues the liar.

To justify themselves, liars have come to believe there’s no such thing as objective Truth. The world has gone stark-raving mad. What is madness? Madness is believing fallacies are justified if they’re believed. Which is ironic when you think about it. People believing lies call everyone who speaks the Truth a liar.

So how can we know the Truth? The first thing you must come to terms with is yourself. You must first come to realize you are a liar. You must also understand that all people are liars one way or another, sooner or later.

You must come to know that people will speak the truth as it suits them. You may hear someone speak the truth but are they there to speak it at their cost or their benefit? “Follow the money?” It’s all about motive. Devils speak true things all the time but what is their game?

To love God is to hate yourself and your hidden agenda for His sake. To be willing to give place to God and His Law is to embrace Truth. Did you know that the Creator is the Truth? And Who is the Creator? None other than the One Who declared He’s the Truth. He has never been proven to lie and His Word comes True all the time.

Knowing the Truth makes you free! No more hiding. No more fear. No more guilt. No more trying to remember what isn’t real or true to cling to a false narrative. No more spinning your wheels in inescapable ruts. Only freedom to go your way, be at peace, enjoy life, and be productive. Truth’s purpose for you.

When you believe, you come to know God. Knowing God is to love Him. When you choose God and His Truth, you’ve arrived to close the journey and begin anew with Life. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.