In March 1976, in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, the Lord met me by a vision, and there He gave me my first notice that He was hurting for His people who were bound in the world and their sin.

I didn’t know who those people were – He didn’t say. I assumed they were wayward Christians, but 3 years later He sent me and my wife Marilyn to Israel. We didn’t know why.

A half-year later while in Israel, He led us to speak His Word to Paul Cohen, a Jew at Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev desert, a man who was living in sin and greatly troubled. He was praying God would send him a man to speak to him and help lead him out of his spiritual quandary.

Before I spoke, Paul knew I was that man and said so. He knew it before we did. We spoke God’s Word to him, and he believed and obeyed.

I hadn’t made the connection of the Lord’s Word to me in March of 1976 with our speaking His Word to Paul Cohen in September of 1979. It turns out this was a Biblical 3½ – year period. The Lord wouldn’t make known to me the timing for years to come.

So, who would God’s people be that are to be set free? Can you “put two and two together”?

Listen to They Will Be Set Free.