I’ve been unthankful for too much of my life and I’ve been thankful for not nearly enough of it, but I can tell you I like “thankful” much better.

I can’t think of anything good unthankfulness has ever done for me – except teach me to be thankful? But I can tell you some of the harm it never fails to do. It saddens you, confounds your mind, spoils the atmosphere for you and all those around you, darkens your soul so that you can’t think straight.

Unthankful, you fail to appreciate anything, no matter how good, how close, or how recent it is. You’re miserable, negative, fearful, and stupid. You don’t sleep or eat well. It fatigues you. Even humor has a hard time coping. You can’t laugh so easily; it’s strained and without joy or happiness.

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Unthankfulness causes all sorts of disease, victimizing everyone. Unthankfulness steals all, hurts all, kills all. It’s never fair to anyone. Unthankfulness knows no justice or mercy, no kindness, respect, or hope – not for you, your friends, family, companions, or anyone.

If anyone should ask you what hell is, you can be a wise and respected theologian or philosopher momentarily, and tell them unthankfulness is hell, accompanied by death. Some people may understand that and take it to heart.

But thankfulness is another story. It’s a taste of Heaven. It makes life worth living. It heals, it brightens the atmosphere. It makes the sun shine. It brings hope, happiness, friends, opportunities, and riches. It opens doors to better things. Thankfulness is priceless.

You’ve likely seen plants that haven’t had water for a long time. They’re withered and dry. I feel sorry for them. But give these plants water and they start to perk up. And fast! It’s amazing.

Are you dry and withered? Thankfulness is the water that can do you wonders. You’ll become straighter, taller, and brighter. Before you know it, you may send out more leaves, a blossom or two, and if you stick with it, you’ll even put out some fruit others will be thankful for.

Thankfulness is a choice you can make regardless of your circumstances. I’ve often been amazed at how quickly and how effectively giving thanks in undesirable circumstances instills thankfulness. If you’re unthankful for something, give thanks for it. Try it! It works.

One more thing.  To whom are you thankful? Think about it. Acknowledge your source of all good things. How generous and gracious God is to all! I say, thank HIM.

Surely, thankfulness is one of the greatest things to be thankful for! Who can live without it?