Aren’t we all looking for “The Place,” whether it’s the ideal home, city, country, position, feeling, knowledge, car, restaurant, resort, health, status, occupation, relationship, favor, paradise, perfection, whatever?

Wouldn’t we all like to have “The Secret” to success, prosperity, peace, and happiness?

I have some very bad news but also some very good news for you. This will seem confusing to most. That’s okay. One day you’ll get it.

Victor Hafichuk Smiling

First, the bad: you don’t want that “place,” the Real Secret. I know I didn’t want it, and I didn’t even know I didn’t want it, though I thought I wanted it.

I didn’t know I didn’t want that secret or place until I discovered it, or rather it discovered itself to me (putting it so much more accurately).

You know why I didn’t know I didn’t want the secret? It’s because we don’t know what we want. And we won’t know until we get what we all want. So true.

Now, here’s more bad news. Do you know why you don’t want “The Place”? It’s because you don’t want The Truth. You see, the Truth and NOTHING BUT the Truth IS that place and nobody wants it. Yet, lo and behold, it’s The Secret. Truth is the Elixir, the Essence of Life. The Truth is what will cure all your ills, fulfill all your needs, and satisfy your desires. And when you know the Truth, you’ll be finally and entirely free.

Why is that place such a mysterious secret? Because we hate it. We run and hide from it. We despise it with passion – until Truth makes itself known to us and we’re forced to face ourselves. Then, we realize how wrong we’ve been.

How do I know the Truth is the Place, the Secret, the Answer, the Solution? Because I now have it. I know it. I am it. You see, without Truth, nothing has any value. So, we must begin with the Truth, the Foundation of Life. Therefore, Truth must be “The Place,” or “The Secret.”

But you don’t want the Truth any more than you want to die or let go of yourself. So, you’ll have to die to be set free. You’ll have to die to enter Life. You’ll have to pass through the Fearsome Flaming Sword of Truth, the Sword of the Cherubim guarding the Entrance to the Garden of Eden, the only place where someone can rest, free of all danger, suffering, and sorrow.

Here’s the Good News, which you’ll hate to hear, as good as it is: Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He’s “The Secret,” yes, the One Who man naturally hates with a passion. That’s why you must die to go and be in that Place. You’re the obstacle; you’re the problem, the hang-up. Trade yourself for “The Place” and you’re home-free. It’s true.

You can listen to There Is a Place here.