Ask Moses about the work of God. When God first appeared to him, Moses was so reluctant to serve Him that God got angry with him. For Moses, it was hard for 40 years all the way.

The apostle Paul can tell you it isn’t easy. God didn’t discuss Paul’s calling with him as He did with Moses. He just appeared, dramatically stopped him in his persecuting tracks, blinded him temporarily, and told him what to do immediately. Once Paul entered his calling many years later, he spent a life of great suffering, at times abandoned by all his companions as he stood against the powers of darkness. So it is with all genuine workers for God.

Victor In Israel

All but one, John, of the principal apostles, suffered martyrdom in their calling. John suffered exile on barren and lonely Patmos where it’s likely he died, separated from many acquaintances in Christ.

Those who are called to God’s work suffer. They suffer hatred, ignominy, scorn from the closest of people, both family and friends, unthankfulness, poverty for times, threats and dangers of all kinds, persecution, and deprivation of rights, freedoms, and social benefits.

True workers for God do not enjoy large congregations, megachurches, fame, popularity, luxuries, and fortunes of every kind possible or imaginable as do several alleged “ministers” we know today, who call themselves men of God and claim to do His work. Those are the bona fide liars, thieves, murderers, and imposters – people who have never known God or cared for Him. “That which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination with God,” said Jesus.

But in due time, faithful men of God receive the greater rewards by far. There’s no comparison. For starters, they get to hang out with the Creator, Jesus Christ, and enjoy Him. Nothing can beat that.

And after preaching the unadulterated Truth and serving the spiritual needs of those God sends them or brings to them, they enjoy the miraculous, spectacular changes in those who believe the Truth and who turn from their dark, meaningless, empty, selfish,  greedy, useless, wicked, and destructive lives.

Those people, whose lives God turns around through His servants, receive new, meaningful, productive lives with purpose, peace, and joy, all in this world as well as the next. That is no small reward to those who are called to God’s work. They earn true friends for God and for themselves. Isn’t that wonderful?

Finally, how many doing earthly works can take the rewards with them when they leave this world? Nobody can do that. Those who serve God not only get the greatest rewards, they can also take them with them.

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