I’m positively thrilled and thankful to have so many people so deeply appreciate the songs God has blessed me with to sing to you with the help and support of all those close to me. I’m so thankful these songs are moving, comforting, edifying, inspiring, and blessing you. You know they’re from my heart and God’s heart to your hearts. You know that, don’t you? If not, you will. 
And I so appreciate hearing from every one of you. Let me hear from many more. 
I also want to bless you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Creator, King, and Almighty God, Who has been so Gracious to us all! 
I never dreamed this would ever happen, but it HAS, and it’s wonderful, isn’t it? God willing, there’s so much more to come. It will be my sheer pleasure to bring it and hopefully, your sheer pleasure to be blessed, to receive and enjoy. I tell you, I know this music feeds the soul, strengthens the weary heart, hands, and feet, and affords Hope and Reality. 
These are not merely “American Gospel,” or “Christian” songs, or “nice music,” or songs dreamed up from fantasy and imagination to be religious or pretentious.  These are songs and words from Reality. They are Life-giving Words from the Lord, expressing, leading, and showing you, bit by bit and stage by stage, the Reality of the Life available to all those who truly believe and determine to search after God. For me, it was Hell, a tough road, getting to that Celestial City but now, at long last, it’s Heaven being there. It’s True!
God bless you all who help and hear with great and wonderful blessings! We are embarked on a great and wondrous journey! We’re in this together.
Victor Hafichuk