My Musical Responsibility Before God: I understand that if I abstain from performing others’ music, God would give me music that is original and refreshing. I believe it. It is quite a tempting thing for me to copy the works of other artists like Bobby Hatfield’s Unchained Melody, Johnny Cash tunes, Al Di La, many sixties numbers, even apparently Godly numbers like Holy Night,Our Father, and so many others.

I have faltered initially, as Moses did in not circumcising his son on his way to Egypt to deliver Israel. Music that inspires me are old songs by artists like Johnny Cash, Simon and Garfunkel, Willy Nelson, the Beatles, Roy Orbison, Bobby Vinton, Pavarotti, Sonny James, Bob Dylan, and many others, but I clearly see that I must keep on the narrow path if I’m to please God.

I liken my situation to the time God asked me to forsake spiritual writings I had in 1980, promising to give me something better. I obeyed and His Word came true.

God has demonstrated that He will provide everything I need. His Word to me has been true. Now I launch out on this music mission for a gloriously wonderful experience. I’m excited! I thank God for it.

My musical responsibility will be to stick to the music You give me, Lord. It will be “out of this world,” and it will give life to many. Thank You, Father, for this unexpected gift. I’m so surprised and tickled about it. Who knew?!