My soul (composed of or identified as mind, will, consciousness, intellect, emotion, what have you), is compelled to love, desire, and serve God, no matter what, as are the souls of others as God chooses. And, we all falter, we fail, we don’t always know what God thinks or feels about us but we press on as if there is no choice or even possibility. It is an irresistible and unconscious force working in us despite all.

Victor Hafichuk Music Performing outside

Part of us loves Him and part of us hates Him. Yes, that’s true. The Bible calls it spirit and flesh at work – we hate Him in the flesh but love Him in our spirit when that spirit is transformed by, and united to, His Spirit.

Nearly fifty years of walking in faith, learning about Who I’m walking with, and I feel like I’ve hardly begun. I had no love for Jesus Christ when I began but my love for Him grows as He develops His love for Him in me. No credit to me or anyone else but Him, for sure. “We love Him because He first loved us.” It’s entirely beyond us to love and want Him in our power and initiative. That’s why we need a Savior and only the One Who made us can fix us.

We’re not our own. He has made us for Himself to love and serve Him. Jesus Christ is Life. He is Love.