Jesus Christ said that we were of much greater worth than sparrows. Of course, that seems evident to us. But how is it that sparrows are born to fly, and while man would give almost anything and has tried almost everything to fly, he hasn’t been able to do it, at least not as well and as naturally as a sparrow? Putting it another way, why can’t he or she BE a flyer?

That’s because, like a bird, he wasn’t born to fly like a bird is born to fly.

Well, I’m here to tell you that man CAN fly, he can fly AS naturally as a bird, and much better than a bird ever could, wings and feathers or not. We are God’s crown of creation, made higher than all the rest. So, why shouldn’t we be able to fly?

Yes, people CAN fly – no fairytale, no wild imagination, no lie. However, there is one “hitch,” if you will. As usual, there’s a cost or trade. To fly, man must trade his flightless nature in for a new flightful one. He must trade one world for another. He must be born again.

Of course, that’s impossible for man to achieve. Only God can change us and give us a new nature. Only He can cause us to fly — as His angels do.

See, flying internally is where it’s at – always was and will be. Put it this way: If you have a million dollars in the bank but don’t use it, you don’t have a penny! But, if you trade it for whatever goods you desire, you’ve got the million dollars.

After years of walking in faith with the Lord, despite my physical and mental infirmities, God has given me my “wings,” as He has to so many other believers in history. And that’s what this song is all about.

If you’re driven to know that mysterious road to freedom, that flight path, see, and don’t “miss the Tree for the forest.”