Music and lyrics by Victor Nicholas Hafichuk
Written at Revivim HaNegev, Israel, September 1979

Heading to Israel, Marilyn and I took a Greyhound bus to Winnipeg from Dauphin, Manitoba. We flew from Winnipeg to Montreal, then via El Al to Israel. As we approached the Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv, the people broke into singing HaTikvah (The Hope), Israel’s anthem. We were moved and I cried. 

Landing, we had no idea what to do or where to go – with no connections, knowing nobody, and not speaking the language. We asked the Lord what to do. We grabbed a cab to Tel Aviv and found a hotel. Remaining in Tel Aviv for a few days to determine our options, we pursued the idea of being volunteers on a kibbutz.

We called Moshav Habonim, a socialist economic community north of Tel Aviv, applied as volunteers and were accepted. After a few months there and making some friends, members of the moshav wanted us to join them permanently. 

Victor Hafichuk performing Christian Music

To live in Israel, we needed to learn Israel’s primary language, Hebrew. We searched for an ulpan, a kibbutz where one works half a day and learns Hebrew for half a day. In considering several kibbutzim, Revivim in the Negev desert came up and immediately it appealed to us; that was where we were to go.

We had made a choice at a crossroads when dealing with Satan just before leaving Canada.

Soon after arriving in Israel, another crossroads came into our sight while choosing an ulpan to learn Hebrew. Soon, someone else would be at a crossroads, having a significant choice to make.

At Revivim, we saw young Jewish newlyweds Paul and Alison Cohen from the US, volunteers who lived next door to us. I immediately saw that one was a believer and one not, though at first, I didn’t know which was which.

Sweet and sour music by Victor Hafichuk

Later, we met and visited with Paul and Alison in the community dining hall. Very soon, I had a prophecy for Paul that God’s calling on him was telling people their sins. Alison was not pleased to hear this. We learned who the believer was.

The Lord showed me that Paul and Alison were wrongfully married, that their marriage was not of God. Paul had sought a silly sign while in fornication before they married, received the answer he was looking for, and married an unbeliever, which the Scriptures solemnly warned against on three counts – fornication, being yoked with unbelievers, and seeking signs.

Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers,”

said the apostle Paul to the Corinthians. 

An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign,” said Jesus. 

Victor Hafichuk in writing Crossroads

During the several weeks there, we shared many Scriptures with Paul and discussed these matters with him. 

At that time, the Lord also gave me a song called, Crossroads. I played and sang it to Paul. He was now at a crossroads, called upon to forsake his wife according to God’s judgment. Reluctantly, he did. Paul needed to obey, much as Moses had a calling and needed to obey God in the matter of circumcising his son before continuing to Egypt to deliver the Israelites.

I had little idea of how this song, Crossroads, would be as prophetic as it turned out to be for decades to come. Paul would come to several similar crossroads.