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March 24 – 29, 2021 From The Poem, Abortion by Victor Hafichuk

Lethbridge, Alberta
August 19, 1984

When Abortion was first written shortly after we returned from Bernalillo, New Mexico, USA, the idea was to go counter to conventional, orthodox Christian philosophy or conviction and social custom concerning abortion. I wanted to say to those who would kill their children: 

“Go for it. Why plague the world with your fruits of like thinking? If this is the kind of upbringing you would give your children, better to not have any. If a mother can’t love her child, what hope do we have of any good from her? And how dare you saddle the rest of society with your abhorrently selfish thought? Do be my guest and destroy your seed and save us all the expense of your lawless, selfish pleasures.”

Thirty-seven years later, on March 24, 2021, after arranging and recording many songs for me, John Capek of Nashville, Tennessee asked if I had more lyrics that I might be interested in passing on to him to work on. He also suggested that we might collaborate on music. I was joyful about his proposition! “Who, me?” I thought, “Wow.” I said I’d gladly consider the offer and think about materials I still had. 

Martin Van Popta suggested we offer John the poem, Abortion, and see if he would be willing to do something with it. We doubted he would though we didn’t doubt he could. We sent him the words, he formed the lyrics from the words and generalized the message to address or appeal to the larger audience.

On March 26, John accepted and said he’d write the lyrics and if those were acceptable to me, he would move on with a melody. 

On March 29, John sent us his work, we gladly received the lyrics and melody and gave John the go-ahead. To suit the revision of the poem, I named the song, The Inconvenient Truth. John was good with that.

Abort the mark of tragedy

Annul the signs of pleasure

Revoke the stark reminder

Deny your Maker’s treasure.

Rid yourself of nuisance

Rid yourself of cost

Pay no mind but to yourself

For your sake, life is lost.

Don’t cry to me, what you’ve done

Is your conscience in your womb

Don’t lie to me coz you can’t run

Your tragedy… is your tomb

Woe-oe… Woe-oe… Woe-oe…

Still the body’s witness

Erase the interruption

Forget the past if you can

Embrace your own corruption

Call it inconvenience

It’s you you’ve double-crossed

Call it what you will

It’s your. own holocaust

Don’t shed fake tears for what you’ve done

Is your conscience in your womb?

No place to hide and you can’t run

Your tragedy is your tomb

Woe-oe… Woe-oe… Woe-oe… Woe-oe…

Yet go and do your will

There’s nothing left to say

Creation is a bitter pill

To waste and throw away.


Don’t cry to me.. what you’ve done

Is your conscience in your womb

Don’t lie to me coz you can’t run

Your tragedy.. is your tomb…

Hoe-oe Hoe-oe…

Your tragedy is your. tomb.

Hoe-oe… Hoe-oe…