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Victor Hafichuk, Stettler, AB Spring, 1987

Death and parting are never easy between loved ones whether they be righteous or otherwise but with the righteous there is the sure hope of coming together again, the hope of a resurrection. The sunset sometimes promises that hope to be fulfilled and while there is sadness in the departure of the precious, there is also a solemn beauty to temper the sorrow and speak of better things to come. It is only by faith that we perceive that the sun will rise again soon.

Lyrics by Victor N. Hafichuk

Music by John Capek

Coral and lavender

Quiet Magnificence

Gently passing away, gently passing away.

Tender departure

Peaceful farewell

It’s alright, it’s okay.

It’s alright, it’s okay.


Beauty and sadness

Clasping hands

Gently passing away, gently passing away.


Warmly embracing

Shedding tears, saying

It’s alright, it’s okay

Gently passing away, gently passing away.