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Poem lyrics by Victor Hafichuk
Albuquerque, NM, Spring, 1984
Melody by John Capek October 2021
Lyrics modified slightly for song by John Capek in October 2021

In my striving to be conscious of God and to hear His voice and walk with Him, I slowly learned that I do not get the Lord to speak simply by striving to listen. Nor is He always speaking, and I hear or get to hear bits and pieces only as I succeed in efforts to “tune in” like a ham operator trying to pick up a frequency. No, the Lord speaks when it pleases Him, and when He speaks, He is fully capable of making Himself heard with or without any help or hindrance from us.

Until we are humbled and repent of our arrogance, we will neither understand nor rest.

Standing atop… a mountain peak
I could not hear a sound
In vain I strained my ears to hear
But nothing came… except a tear
Because I could not hear…
I could not hear.

Cold it grew and I withdrew
To lower levels not by choice
And there I felt more comforted
But silence remained… the only voice
And still I could not hear…
I could not hear. 

“Am I dead?” in pain I asked myself,
“Is there.. something wrong with me?
I should think that on this wondrous apogee
Is where hearing and seeing.. ought to be.”
And down I came again…
And down I came again. 

Lower and lower and lower still
Not even ground level was to be my fill
But lower and lower and lower ’til
The darkness smothered me out of sight
And my only friends were sorrow and fright
But I was not alone…
I was not alone. 

For in the nether of darkness… and tether
Down where I made my bed
And where I resigned to live and sleep
Perhaps.. forever to weep
I heard a voice instead
I heard a Voice… instead

“Come up!” It said, “and into the Light
Rejoice now with new hearing and sight
I’ll take away your tether and fright
You’ll be My… servant instead…
You’ll be My servant… instead.”
I heard a voice
I heard the Voice
“You’ll be My servant instead.”