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Dauphin, MB, 1978-79

One of the greatest battles I’ve ever had in my internal spiritual warfare and pilgrimage into the Kingdom of Heaven has been to forsake family, more particularly my parents and most particularly, my father. His draw on my heart was so powerful. In his last years, his state was so pitiable that it was very hard for me to refuse him any wishes. It was agonizing.

One evening while in prayer I received a vision of the Lord. He was standing up to put a stop to the enemies who were tormenting me. Mom called the next morning to tell me Dad died. He was buried on my birthdate, April 1, 1985. I thought it significant.

We didn’t attend Dad’s funeral. In his death, I felt loosened, with new freedom and power.

Yes, I do love my earthly father, but my highest devotion is for my Heavenly Father, for Whom I’ve forsaken my earthly one. It was hard at first, but it turned out to be more than worth it for both of us. I also know I will meet him again in the afterlife.

Music & Lyrics by Victor N. Hafichuk

A dead man beckons me from his dismal grave,
One which he dug for himself,
And begs that I come and join him there
Where I was once myself.

I struggle at the familiar voice,
A tear drops from my eye;
It’s almost as though I have no choice,
For if I go back, I die.

Impossible it has been for me
To convince him of the risen life;
My words fall on a dead man’s ears
And the result is only strife.


My life is in deepest turmoil,
The bloodiest struggle I bear;
To Jesus alone I’ll be loyal
For He alone does care.


I must go on to greater things,
More noble, holy and pure;
Whatever the mysterious future brings,
In Christ my steps are sure.

For me to live is Christ my King
And He is my Father new;
He wants me to live and reign with Him
And He alone is true.


Un appel mortel

Paroles et musique par Victor N. Hafichuk

Un mort m’appelle depuis sa tombe lugubre,
Une qu’il a creusée pour lui-même,
Et il me supplie de le rejoindre là
Où j’étais moi-même autrefois. 

Je résiste au son de la voix familière,
Une larme coule de mon œil ;
C’est presque comme si je n’avais pas le choix,
Car si j’y retourne, je meurs.

Il m’a été impossible
De le convaincre de la vie ressuscitée ;
Mes mots tombent dans les oreilles d’un mort
Et il n’en résulte qu’une dispute.


Ma vie est dans la tourmente la plus profonde
La lutte la plus sanglante que j’endure ;
Envers Jésus seulement je serai loyal
Car Lui seul prend soin.


Je dois aller vers des choses plus grandes
Plus nobles, saintes et pures ;
Peu importe ce que l’avenir mystérieux apporte
En Christ mes pas sont sûrs.

Pour moi, vivre c’est Christ mon Roi
Et Il est mon Père nouveau
Il veut que je vive et règne avec Lui
Et Lui seul est vrai.


Um puxão mortal

Música e Letras de Victor N. Hafichuk

Um homem morto acena para mim de seu túmulo sombrio,
Um que ele cavou para ele próprio,
E implora que eu venha e me junte a ele ali
Onde eu tinha estado no passado.

Eu luto com a voz familiar,
Uma lágrima cai do meu olho;
É quase como se eu não tivesse escolha,
Porque se eu volto, eu morro.
Tem sido impossível para mim
Para convencê-lo da vida ressuscitada;
Minhas palavras caem nos ouvidos de um homem morto
E o resultado é apenas contenda.

Minha vida está no mais profundo tumulto,
Eu agüento a luta mais sangrenta
Só para Jesus eu serei leal
Pois só ele se importa.

Tenho de ir para coisas maiores,
Mais nobre, santa e pura;
Qualquer que seja o futuro misterioso traz,
Em Cristo, meus passos não deixarão.
É para Cristo que eu vivo
E Ele é meu Pai novo;
Ele quer que eu vivo e reino com ele
E só Ele é verdadeiro.


I do not speak English! I do not know why I understand your songs, it conveys feelings.

Eliane T.

Really God moves in His mysterious ways…i am just scrolling some videos and accidentally i tap on your video…and gosh…found myself repeatedly playing your music.

Nancy T.

I do not know to explain. You appeared just like magic on my Facebook and I loved it! His voice is his song and his style is so soft to sing. I thank you. May God bless you always

Sonia B.

I love your song your voice is a gift from God very cool love you Victor

Ligaya O.

I cried when I read.. I’m from Brazil and I don’t know English but I The song has something fatal that pulls me inside the sound… as well as the title of the melody

Carmen V.

I don’t need to understand English to feel this song full of feelings, full of emotion, full of peace. Beautiful, God bless him.

Luânar D.

Its such a beautiful song its lines has all the means.a song of remembering. (I kinda like that name!)

Coffee L.

Beautiful song with meaningful lyrics…GOD has given you that talent,thank you for the song inspiring lyrics.

Mercedes D.

Praise the Lord! God bless you more.

Desideria J.

Hi sir. Your music moves…perfect timing. I know God used you to remind me that no matter how many times we fall…He will always be there for us…just waiting for us to open our hearts to Him. Thank you so much

Nancy T.